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Meet Marvin Spence, the AVF’s New Project Manager

Introducing Marvin Spence, Horticultural Engineer and New AVF Project Manager

Marvin Spence, BSc., is a recent graduate in Horticulture with a specialisation in trade and service from the University of Applied Science Weihenstephan-Triesdorf in Freising near Munich. In high school, he was interested in computers and studied computer science. But he was put off the idea of pursuing it as a career after realising that his interests and motivation were more geared toward the natural sciences, including a passion for plants; in the end, he decided to change his trade and began studying horticulture.

Fortunately, computer science and plant science overlap perfectly in the field of Agri-Technology. Large horti-businesses increasingly need IT, apps, smart control and databasing to control every level of operations. As a Horticultural Engineer with expertise in information technology, and several years of work experience in various companies in the e-commerce and food industry, Marvin is perfectly suited for the future of farming. He wrote his Bachelor’s thesis on the marketing of vertically-farmed products, a subject of particular importance to AVF members.

Marvin’s role at the AVF

Marvin’s first project in AVF was organising and participating in the AVF event Unlocking the Power of Indoor Farming in Cities of the Future in Oslo this past May. He is taking a leading role in organising the Roundtable Event Future Farming 4.0 on 30 August at the Orangerie in Freising. He will work on on-boarding stakeholders for global events, consulting with AVF members and interested parties, and developing educational content for the AVF Academy. He is also actively looking for opportunities to develop vertical farming projects on behalf of the AVF.

What’s next for Marvin?

Marvin receives his degree in the next few weeks. With his experience in the food industry and his engineering knowledge in plant production and marketing, he looks forward to applying his knowledge from planting to harvest and in sales and advertising planning to companies in the industry.

To get in touch with Marvin, please e-mail ms@vertical-farming.net.

You can also connect with Marvin on LinkedIn