June 18, 2019 at 08:30 Safari Park Hotel & Casino Nairobi, Kenya

1st International Conference on Agroecology Transforming Agriculture & Food Systems in Africa

Leading World Scientists Present AgroEcology as a Means to Sustainably Reduce Synthetic Pesticide Contamination in Africa

AVF is proud to partner with World Food Preservation Center and Biovision Africa Trust to deliver the 1st All Africa Congress on Synthetic Pesticides, Environment, Human and Animal Health. Chairwoman Christine Zimmermann-Loessl will deliver a keynote speech at the event.

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Are pesticides and GMOs carcinogenic? Do some insecticides cause neurological diseases?

Are insecticides responsible for insect and specifically bee decline?

What is the impact of synthetic pesticides on African wildlife?

Join leading world scientists to consider the impact of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers on the African people, their animals, and environment. Explore ways to sustainably reduce synthetic pesticide and fertilizer contamination in the African continent through Agroecology.

Outstanding Speakers and Venue

The conference will be hosted at the impressive Safari Park Hotel & Casino in Nairobi, the largest conference venue in Eastern Africa. Keynote speakers include:

Professor Hans Herren, the first Swiss to receive the World Food Prize and the 2013 Right Livelihood Award (alternate Nobel Prize) for leading a major biological control effort.

Professor Tyrone Hayes, UC Berkeley, pioneer in establishing that the herbicide atrazine is an endocrine disruptor that demasculinizes and feminizes male frogs.

Other keynote speakers at the congress are on the forefront of research on the impact of synthetic pesticides and GMOs on the health of humans, animals and the environment. Also, world leading scientists will be speaking on regenerative agriculture and food sovereignty.

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