February 28, 2018 at 09:00 Messeplatz 1 Vienna More Information

SKYBERRIES vertical farming conference

How will we feed 10 billion people? Where will food for 400 Megacities be produced? How can we grow as healthy, sustainably and independently from fossil resources as possible?
and what can we learn from those, already operating succesfully within the urban and vertical farming business?

The international conference SKYBERRIES explores the emerging topic of vertical farming for the first time in the German-speaking region on a really huge stage. In cooperation with URBAN FUTURE global conference we expect 3000 visitors, mostly decision makers and city changers.
SKYBERRIES presents the state-of-the-art of vertical farming and urban gardening and invites all participants to take part in this future business field. Both conference days define knowledge baselines, raise current and future challenges of food security, outline possible solutions and bring them into action. SKYBERRIES is an interactive, networking and knowledge exchange focussed new art of conference.

We invited approx. 30 speakers, among them Dickson Despommier and Saskia Sassen as leading representatives of academia, but also various successful companies such as Aero Farms, Green Sense, Vertical Harvest or Farmers Cut.

Interactive sessions, networking, industry speed datings, exhibition spaces and the opportunity to meet all of URBAN FUTURE’s visitors will make SKYBERRIES an outstanding event.

SKYBERRIES closes with a field trip to Vienna’s “Ruthner Tower” – one of the world’s first vertical farm, build in 1974. The trip to this almost forgotten technology will help us to remember this outstanding innovation, that led the path to the future of food.