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Vertical Farming Congress

The Association for Vertical Farming is proud to be part of the first Vertical Farming World Congress in the UK. It will be held online on 22-24 September, with numerous innovations to help develop an emerging community of leading producers, funders, suppliers and customers. Its theme will be ‘Shaping Food’s Future.’

This event will bring together the sector’s top minds and businesses, who believe the coronavirus pandemic will accelerate the industry’s inevitable growth. “This is a unique opportunity for interested investors, agriculturalists, food producers, suppliers, academics and governments,” commented Richard Hall, Chairman of event organizer Zenith Global, the food and drink experts. “There may never be a better time, because the industry is rapidly establishing itself and an online event gives a ringside seat more affordably, along with all kinds of extra features.

“In addition to the most authoritative speakers ever assembled on the sector, there will be virtual farm tours, round tables on key issues and extensive social as well as one-to-one networking. There will be ongoing access afterward to review presentations and continue making new connections.

“It will be difficult to beat the caliber and geographic spread of our speakers:

  • Our industry leadership panel has the founders and chief executives of AeroFarms and 80 Acres Farms from the United States plus Intelligent Growth Solutions and Jones Food Company from the United Kingdom.
  • On sustainability, we have the World Wildlife Fund; on retailing, we have Migros from Switzerland.
  • Investors are represented by AgFunder, Ashfords, Innovate UK and Virgo.
  • Other leading contributors range from the global Association for Vertical Farming to Wageningen


  • Other talks include a view of the city of the future, a nutrition briefing and debate about the relative merit of aeroponics, aquaponics and hydroponics.
  • A technology briefing will look in-depth at operational choices, plant growth, lighting and robotics.
  • Innovator case studies include growing underground, modular aeroponics, shipping containers and success in Taiwan.”

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