November 26, 2018 at 09:30 Hotel Silken Indautxu Bilbao read more and register

Workshop Iberia 2018 Light, the right element – Grow your life

OSRAM is organizing a series of workshops on Light and growing food, in Spain. The registration is free and the workshops will be in Spanish. The deadline for registration is the 21st of November.

26th of November in Bilbao, 28th in Barcelona and 30th in Almeria:

The horticulture and agriculture industry is experiencing a transformation of the way plants are cultivated. Behind these changes are innovative LEDs that employ new technologies to enhance plant growth, maximize yields, and minimize energy consumption.


These LED solutions are making farms possible nearly anywhere, from big cities to the insides of people’s homes. Everywhere you look, from vertical farms and hydroponic greenhouses to algaculture, green facades, and small gardening systems — LEDs are taking over.


In our workshop, “Light, the right element – Grow your life” we and our partners show you everything the latest LED solutions can do. We also provide an outlook on where the market is headed. And tabletop exhibitions give you an opportunity to talk with our partners face-to-face about real-world applications.


Don’t miss this opportunity to benefit from the expertise of our specialists. By talking to our partners, you can also get valuable insights and inspiration for your current and future projects.


Come visit our workshop, and let’s grow green together!