Brussels Vertical Farming Workshop

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Date(s) - 30/06/2017 - 01/07/2017
All Day

Campus Sint Lucas Architecture


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Vertical Farming touches the foundations of our society, it is at the center of the food, water, energy & shelter nexus. So if it is done right, vertical farming has an enormous potential to help transform our society into a truly sustainable one.

And that’s what the AVF-workshop is all about, it takes collaboration to the next level.

During the 2-day workshop a group of 30 motivated individuals are facilitated to design a thriving local society around vertical farming. Each team member’s background will prove to be of indispensable value to bring the project to a successful conclusion. There is a need for architects, technology wizards, marketeers, finance experts, business people, Law-specialists, cooks, engineers, life-coaches,… all experiences and backgrounds are needed.

The only requirement for participating is that you are passionate about Vertical Farming.

Design a full blown Vertical Farming concept with a team of passionate experts (Photo: La tour vivant by SOA architects)

The rules of engagement

Ways of Working

This workshop is to design a small community of individuals, businesses and other organisations. Hence working together is not as easy as it sounds. Only with a solid foundation of respect and openness, a community of individuals with many different ideas and backgrounds, can come up with fantastic solutions. That’s why for the AVF-workshop, there is a code of to work together .

Find more details about the AVF-workshops via this link.

The Six Sessions

To facilitate the AVF-workshop, 6 sessions have been predefined. However, everyone should know that a plan is only a plan and is always subjected to change. Hence, the sessions are guidelines and not rules. If the participants come up with better or more creative ideas, the sessions will change accordingly.

Session I – Workshop Warm Up (weeks before the event)
Session II – Introduction to the Urban Jungle (Day 1)
Session III – Brainstorm the Ecosystem (Day 1)
Session IV – Designing the Ecosystem (Day 2)
Session V – The Ultimate Proposal (Day 2)
Session VI – The Public Presentation (Day 2)

The Urban Farming Movement

During the event many important players from the local and international Urban and Vertical Farming Movement will be present. They will support the participants with their knowledge and experiences. 

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AVF members get 25% reduction. get your COUPON-code by emailing Zjef Van Acker via

Agenda of the Brussels workshop

Friday June 30th, 2017

06.45 Registration at Abattoir
07.00 Start tour abattoir
08.30 Welcome & Introduction by AVF
09.00 Case speakers

10.00  Tour in the Caves of Champignons de BXL (Thibault Fastenakels)
11.00 KnowHow Boost (short but informative presentations)

12.30 Lunch by Cultureghem


14.00 Gathering at Campus Sint Lucas Architecture
14.15 Introduction to Brainstorm the Ecosystem
14.30 Start – Brainstorm the Ecosystem
16.00 4min Pitches of the 6 teams
16.30 Election of the best Model to go forward with
16.45 Short group discussion about the chosen model
17.00 Wrap up of Day 1
17.15 After Talks @ local bar: De zotten Ezel

Saturday July 1st, 2017

08.30 Gathering at Campus Sint Lucas Architecture
09.00 Introduction to Session IV
09.15 Break up into teams and start planning specific parts of the Ecosystem
11.30 4min pitches of the morning creativity
12.00 Group Discussion
12.30 Informal lunch


13.30 Introduction to Session V
13.45 Breaking up into groups and start finishing the plan
16.30 4 min pitches of afternoon creations
17.00 Group Discussion on final plan
17.30 Wrap up workshop Day 2
17.45 Allocation of tasks for Final Presentations
Preparations and food
19.00 Start Conference – Policy Challenges in Vertical Farming – click on this link for more info

The Case – The Abattoir

The Abattoir is French for “Slaughterhouse”, and although that’s still one of the activities that are happening at the site, it’s hard to describe what the Abattoir actually is. There’s so many things happening these days: Huge markets, many Urban Farming projects, social gatherings and projects, parties, housing, offices,… and so much more.

The Abattoir is a hot spot in Brussels, and that is why it is the perfect case for a Vertical Farm.

In 2009, the Abattoir started looking at the possibilities for future development of their huge site. The goal is to transform the temporary market trading places into more permanent accommodation and strengthen the Abattoir vision for new commercial short-term developments. These developments have to support the traders, but also of the entire neighbourhood and its inhabitants.

About the Association for Vertical Farming

The Association for Vertical Farming (AVF) is an internationally active non-profit organization fostering the sustainable growth of the vertical farming industry through education and collaboration. The AVF focuses on advancing Urban and Vertical Farming technologies, designs and businesses.



Find all locations and info about them via this link on Place.Guru

Location 1 (Session II)

Rue Ropsy Chaudron 24
1070 Anderlecht, Brussels

Location 2 (Sessions III to VI):

Campus Sint-Lucas Architecture Brussels
Paleizenstraat 65/rue des palais 65
1030 Schaerbeek, Brussels

Price workshop

Included in price:

  • Workshop
  • Food (Lunch and dinner on Saturday)
  • Urban Farm tours & visits
  • Saturday evening conference

Professionals (21 spots): €55
Students  (9 spots):   €30

Saturday-evening presentations:

Visitors: €10
Students: €8

There’s only 30 spots available so don’t hesitate and register now via this link

AVF members get 25% reduction. get your COUPON-code by emailing Zjef Van Acker via

For more information contact

Youssef Bouchikhi
T: +32460956151

Register now via this link

AVF members get 25% reduction. get your COUPON-code by emailing Zjef Van Acker via