August 2016

August 2016



I recently moved to Malmö, Sweden. Once an industrial zone for the production of submarines, Malmö has turned 180 degrees in the last two decades. It is now world renowned for its sustainable, welcoming and entrepreneurial environment (not to forget the natural environment which is striking, too.)

Malmö’s phoenix story inspired me from the very first moment I learned about this city, mostly because of its impressive city management and care for the people’s comfort and pleasure. While it takes a lot of effort to maintain a well-off city, even more hands, hearts and heads are necessary to rebuild a city shaken by economic crisis. Malmö has gone one step even further: developing itself into a leader of sustainable cities.

Malmö’s attractiveness for both inhabitants and visitors reassures me every day of one simple truth: Wo-/man has the unique ability to redefine ourselves.

Just like Malmö, our industry, and indeed the AVF itself must continue to mature and redefine ourselves. We are making many strides to that end with efforts in: education, sustainability, standardization, and an RFP platform. These tasks are not easy, but they are achievable. I rely on the strength and comfort from those who built Malmö as I now work to build the AVF.

When the weather allows, I like to have my meals outside. I take my bowl filled with delicious salad and sit at the pier right next to the university. Ever since the vertical farming fever caught me, I automatically wonder where my greens come from. I hope that some day people are going to sit at the pier, enjoying their lunch just like me, and can point across the water towards a former empty warehouse and say: “That’s where my salad is from. I picked it myself right before I got here.”

Sincerly Yours,
Kerstin Schreiber
AVF Communications Coordinator

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AVF Annual General Meeting in New York City and New York AgTech week


NYC AgTech Week is happening September 19-25. The super-event features a week of farm tours, workshops, technology demo’s and a locavore feast featuring produce from NYC’s premier urban farms. There will be more than 15 tours and 5 additional events distributed throughout the week. The AVF is playing a leading role this year as a member of the NYC Ag Collective, who are organizing the week of events. The AVF will serve as a promotional partner of #NYCAgTechWeek offering its members a 10% discount to register.

Also, the AVF Annual Meeting (members only) will be held on Thursday, September 22nd in NYC. This is your opportunity to learn more about AVF operations, to communicate your ideas, to vote on issues, and to get involved in guiding the movement. Plus with 20+ AVF members already RSVP’ed to attend, it’s a great networking opportunity.

Finally, the AVF will be hosting a special cocktail party on the 21st for AVF members and friends who register for AgTech Week.

Interested in demoing your technology at NYC AgTechWeek? Email:

Buy tickets to NYC AgTech Week today! Take 10% off if you’re a member by emailing Andrew Blume – – for the discount code.

Urban Agriculture Event in Los Angeles, October 20, 2016


Join us in Los Angeles for an Urban Farming Event which will be hosted by the Global Ag Innovation Network, Indoor Ag-Con, and Local Roots. The event offers a unique opportunity to meet entrepreneurs, policy makers, investors, growers, and members of the media.

Click here for more information and to register.

Location: Local Roots 5000 Hampton St. Vernon, CA 90058
Time: 6:00pm to 9:00pm


New Members

Fresh Farms

Fresh Farms Logo

Ahluwalia Fresh Farms is the Pioneer in Edmonton City for setting up the First Urban Indoor Vertical Farming Business this year. Presently, with 90 sq. ft growing capacity, they are in the process of growing leafy greens with a goal to expand to 100,000 square foot facility in the next two years.

Tower Garden

 Tower Garden Logo

Since 2011, the company has been the manufacturer of Tower Garden, as well as owning the rights to residential sales. Earlier this month, Tower Garden acquired Future Growing, LLC, which comes with the rights to commercial sales. Future Growing and Tower Garden have always operated as sister companies, but are now combining focuses to expand the Tower Garden mission of making aeroponic growing accessible to all.

Changemaker in the Spotlight

 Ed Harwood

August’s Changemaker of the Month is Ed Harwood, Chief Science Officer of Aerofarms. We had a captivating and in-depth conversation with Dr. Harwood in which we learned about the man behind the technology, how the circular economy comes in to play, and about how the team that built the largest vertical farm in the world got started. Please click here to read the full article.

One topic we discussed with Ed is the upcoming AVF general meeting, which will be hosted at Aerofarms corporate headquarters on Sept. 22nd from 10am to 12pm. Please contact Andrew Blume, if you are an AVF member and would like to register to attend.

Most popular posts from Agritecture

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Micro Veg

Gro-op call for crowdfunding for their local Vertical Farm



We know that the need for highly qualified professionals, smart interns and volunteers with heart and soul is high in the vertical farming business. Finding the right people for your positions is a challenge and we would like to assist you in offering you both, the platform on our website and this newsletter to reach out to experienced professionals and future experts.

Since your demand might change very quickly, we encourage you to mail us your job ad and keep us updated on whether you filled the position. Andrew Blume ( is your contact in this regard.

REFARMERS (Lyon, France)

Building Integrated Greenhouses (Brussels, Belgium)

Blue Planet Consulting

Agrilution (Munich, Germany)

Association for Vertical Farming (Anywhere)


Upcoming Events

Come and join us!

September 2 – 3, BAQUA Convention, Cannington, UK

September 19 – 25, New York AgTech week & AVF Annual Meeting, New York, USA

September 22, AVF annual meeting, New York, USA

September 26 – 28, Global FoodTech TLV, Tel-Aviv, Israel

October 20, Urban Farming in Los Angeles, USA

November 9 – 10, Farm Business Innovation, NEC Birmingham, UK

November 9 – 10, Agritecture workshop, San Francisco CA

November 10 – 11, Grow Local OC, California State University, Fullerton

December 2016, Agritecture workshop, Belgium

January 2017, Agritecture workshop Mumbai, India


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