June 2016 Newsletter

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June 2016

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Vertical Farming is not a seedling anymore. The AVF Summit in Amsterdam plus the following days of networking at GreenTech prove that our communal hard work is starting to pay off. Our collective knowledge and expertise have culminated into something greater than any individual company, and together we are laying the foundation for a healthier future.

In this newsletter we look back at our showcase event for both attendees and those who could not make the trip. Other topics included in this newsletter are: GreenTech, New York AgTech Week, AVF’s Annual Meeting, our industry white paper, the recent Agritecture Collaborative Design Workshop in London, our newest members, and our Changemaker in the Spotlight: Nick Klase from Fluence Bioengineering.

AVF Summit 2016

This year’s summit on June 13th in Amsterdam explored the application of circular economy principles to city farming. 280 attendees came to from around the world see and meet the 16 highly qualified speakers. Each of whome contributed knowledge from their individual expertise, and the result was a terrific coalescence of wisdom and networking. After all, it is truly special to have a key officer of the EU Directorate-General for Agriculture, the Chief Science Officer of the largest vertical farm in the world, and the many other champions of the city farming movement all in the same room.

To read our official recap of the event, see this article published on Agritecture. Additionally, please check our Facebook, Youtube channel, and other social media pages for videos of speaker presentations – which will be distributed beginning on July 8th.

Lastly, please enjoy the official 2016 AVF Summit recap video!

 Vertical Farming Pavilion at GreenTech 2016

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Zjef Van Acker, AVF’s chief engagement officer, interviewing people at the Vertical Farming pavilion

In the three days following the AVF Summit, the AVF hosted the Vertical Farming Pavilion at Greentech which had 16 companies exhibiting their various products and services. Together our collective gravity pulled a perpetual stream of curious onlookers to investigate and learn about vertical farming. The AVF received hundreds of inquiries at our booth, which we are still busy responding and following up with. Enjoy the recap video here and we hope to see you next time at Greentech 2018!  

AVF publishes white paper on “State of Vertical Farming”

On July 15th the “State of Vertical Farming” white paper will be published for our members. One of the main focuses of the white paper is painting a profile of the global market size; for the first white paper we highlighted: Greater China, India, North America and EU. The conclusion points to a convergence between top-down (government) and bottom-up (private market) drivers developing the vertical farming industry. Worldwide there are many moving parts driving the development of the industry and it looks optimistic; but to be realistic there still is a very limited amount of commercial growing operations. The AVF sheds light on why this is going to possibly change.

Agritecture Collaborative Design Workshop – London, UK

June was a busy month for the AVF. Eight days after the AVF Summit & GreenTech, the AVF was in London for the 6th Agritecture workshop. CASS School of Architecture, Southbank Consulting, Blue Planet Consulting & Vydrofarms collaborated to facilitate this successful event. The designs of the three teams were very impressive and will soon be online. In the meanwhile we can tell you that Team1 (“CitiSalads”) won and we can re-direct you to the first part of the event-recap by Zjef.Click here for part 1 of the report.



Agritecture Photo

The winners of the London workshop: Team 1 aka Citisalads

State of Indoor Farming 2016

We’re looking for your thoughts on the state of indoor farming. A number of organizations including the Association for Vertical Farming, Agrilyst, Urban Ag News, and Feedback Farms have teamed up to survey growers from around the country about the current state and future growth of the indoor farming industry. All answers will be anonymized in the results and no information will be published in a way that is identifiable to you. The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. 

We appreciate your time and your valuable insight. Results will be included in a State of the Industry report which will be shared with you. Please click here to participate in the survey. 

AVF at New York City AgTech Week

It’s almost time for the 2nd Annual NYC AgTech Week happening September 19-25, 2016. The super-event features a full week of farm tours, workshops, technology demo’s and a locavore feast featuring produce from NYC’s premier urban farms. The AVF is playing a leading role this year as a member of the NYC Ag Collective, who are organizing the week of events. The AVF will serve as a promotional partner of #NYCAgTechWeek offering its members a special discount to register. Also, the AVF Annual Meeting for members only will be held on Saturday, September 22nd in NYC. Finally, the AVF will be hosting a special cocktail party for AVF members and friends who register. Interested in demoing your technology at NYC AgTechWeek? Email: henry@agritecture.com  // Pre-register for NYC AgTech Week at farming.nyc



New Members

Rayyan Agro


RayyanAgro is a vertical farming start-up located some 400 km to the south of Mumbai (India). Their business relies on a holistic approach: grow to share, grow to train, and grow to retail. Using hydroponics, RayyanAgro’s vertical farm produces leafy greens such as lettuce and herbs amidst an agricultural landscape still dominated by traditional rice paddies. 

Here, There & Everywhere


Together with their partners and thanks to years of research, Here, There & Everywhere B.V. have set out to build turnkey indoor farming projects and to provide long term technical and growing support for their clients.

The University of Benin


Being highly rated in Nigeria, The University of Benin has six academic departments facilitating various programs and research activities. Their vision is to establish an internationally renowned model of higher education, responsive to the ingenuity and creativity of the Nigerian people.



Being a world’s first in many areas, Proti-Farm N.V. has a fully automated high-tech lesser mealworm production facility to serve the food and pharmaceutical market. Their aim is to be “feeding the world without consuming the earth” by providing insect-based solutions using their R&D facilities, consultancy services and industrial production.



On their mission to connect the world with crop production data, MyFood provides easy to handle high-end greenhouses to be connected over an open source platform, forming a smart data-based community. Furthermore, permacultural beds, organic soil compost and vertical aquaponic solutions are also provided.



Refarmers are the European manufactures and distributers of the innovative vertical farming concept Zip Grow Towers. Over the last year, Refarmers have started a pilot-farm in Lyon, France, as a demonstration and R&D site. The data accumulated by the pilot-farm will help them develop a model of urban integrated polyculture farm through Project Biooperative.



Since 1996, HydroGarden have become market leaders supplying hydroponic equipment and horticultural services to retailers, growers and research organizations within the UK and abroad.

Indoor Farms of America


Located in Las Vegas, USA, Indoor Farms of America offers complete vertical aeroponic farming packages as well as modules which can be integrated in an existing farm.

General Hydroponics Europe


From their greenhouses in southern France, General Hydroponics Europe develops a line of patented growing systems, that are highly sought after by NASA and laboratories worldwide. Alongside their extensive research & development aimed to provide high value crops, they also study the field of medicinal plants as a potential conservation method.

ANSI-Culture Consultants


ANSI-Culture Consultants provide ongoing support for growers, producers and entrepreneurs in the field of energy efficient and Sustainable Urban Agriculture. Their technical know-how, full working systems and ongoing business consultancy are just a few of the services they have to offer for their customers.


Founder of UrbAgri

By designing vertical farms and revitalizing open spaces, UrbAgri develops what they call; a Fertile Residence, designed to support the growth of food in residential areas. UrbAgri can help the client to set up his own venture by forming a viable economic model and developing a business plan. UrbAgri supports the project leader along his journey to own a sustainable and a profitable business, increasing employability and strengthening communities.

Ponix Systems


Based in Vienna, Austria, Ponix Systems’ works to enable every household to produce their own food by making farming more efficient, simple, clean, and enjoyable. Ponix Systems’ modular products, from adaptive LED lighting systems to hydroponic plant containers for vertical farms, can be combined and scaled in various ways which allows for commercial use in indoor farms, as well as in private setups for food growers of every and any level of experience.

Changemaker in the Spotlight


Fluence Bioengineering is one of the newest members of the AVF, but that doesn’t mean they are new to vertical farming. Following his recent talk at the Vertical Farming Summit, we sat down with Fluence Co-Founder/CEO, Nick Klase and Marketing Director, Travis Williams to learn more about the company, and where they see vertical farming headed. Click here for the interview.


Nick and Travis 2

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 Vertical Farming Careers

We know that the need for highly qualified professionals, smart interns and volunteers with heart and soul is high in the vertical farming business. Finding the right people for your positions is a challenge and we would like to assist you in offering you both, the platform on our website and this newsletter to reach out to experienced professionals and future experts.

Since your demand might change very quickly, we encourage you to mail us your job ad and keep us updated on whether you filled the position. Andrew Blume (ab@vertical-farming.net) is your contact in this regard.


Philips (Eindhoven, Netherlands)

Agrilution (Munich, Germany)

Association for Vertical Farming (Anywhere)

Local Roots Farms (Los Angeles, California)

AVF Agenda

Come and join us!

September 19-25, New York AgTech Week & AVF Annual Meeting, New York, USA

September 22, AVF Annual Meeting, New York, USA

October 20th, Save the date – more info coming , Los Angeles, USA

December 2016,  Agritecture Workshop Brussels, Belgium

January 2017,  Agritecture Workshop Mumbai, India


Note from the Authors

Thank you for reading the newsletter and thank you for all your hard work planting seeds for the future. If you have ideas for future newsletters please contact us through info@vertical-farming.

This newsletter was written and designed by: Zjef Van Acker (Ghent, Belguim), Andrew Blume (LA, California), Stephane Razzon (Rehovot, Israel), & Kerstin Schreiber (Bavaria, Germany)