rooftop farming project in Oslo/ Norway

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philippe asked 2 years ago

I am in the starting phase of creating a rooftop farm platform in the Oslo area in Norway.Although I have some backgrounds from “traditional” agriculture I am new in hydroponics technics and urban farming in general.
If you are working on a similar project I would be happy to discuss further with you :-)


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industrafarms answered 2 years ago

Hi Philippe, We’re working on similar projects and seeking to aggregate more projects onto an international Investment platform to be funded by our Dublin-based Investment fund. So perhaps we could have a chat to see where your opportunity might fit? Write me at and we can set up a call if that works for you.

JSiteman answered 2 years ago

We should connect.  I am based in Canada but our headquarters is in Oslo. :-)
Shoot me a mail to or find me on skype at JDSiteman.  Would love to hear more about your project and figure out whether or not we can assist.  Our specialty is in engineering and design of controlled environment plant production systems; lighting systems; and CEA environmental management consulting.