About Vertical Farming

Welcome to the Association for Vertical Farming’s website. You will find here information about Urban Agriculture in the forms of Vertical/Indoor Farming and Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA).


Indoor Farming Benefits Include:
  • Increases food security, safety and sovereignty for urban areas and food deserts
  • Delivers higher yields due to intensification, faster crop cycle and year-round production
  • Causes no soil or water contamination due to zero runoff and leaching
  • Consumes less water and recirculates wastewater
  • Uses no pesticide, herbicide and minimal fertilizer (mostly non-chemical fertilizers)
  • Optimizes light quality, Carbon dioxide level, and nutrient solution to achieve desired taste, appearance and nutritional values in crops
  • Decreases agricultural use of mineral resources
  • Reduces the negative land-use changes
  • Lowers labor intensity and higher capacity for automation
  • Fosters full digitalization of agricultural practices
  • Moves urban food systems toward eliminating crop loss due to regional climate conditions, pests or pathogens
  • Shortens the supply chain results in fresh food and close to zero waste from farm to fork
  • Decreases fossil fuel dependency in both transportation and production phase of the food system
  • Facilitates easier integration with renewable energy sources
  • Creates jobs for highly skilled workers in different sectors because of multidisciplinary nature
  • Retrofits unused urban spaces
  • Many more!

Please search through our white papers and blog posts for more information on the related topics and reach out to info@vertical-farming.net for further inquiries.