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The AVF is its members and our members are the AVF. Every month we select an especially extraordinary member to interview for our recurring Changemaker of the Month series. We are proud to say our members are making the world a better place!

We also have content featuring AVF Honorary Board Member Dr. Dickson Despommier’s Book “The Vertical Farm, Feeding the World in the 21st Century”, Dr. Dickson Despommier’s Podcast, past AVF Newsletters, as well as videos and TV appearances of the Association for Vertical Farming and its members. For more interesting Vertical Farming Media and News you can check out our Urban Agriculture News page.

AVF Changemakers in the Spotlight

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Videos and TV Appearances

13.06.2016 - AVF-summit 2016 aftermovie (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

02.11.2015 - Impressions of Vertical Farming Conference 2015 (Bangalore, India)

10.05.2015 - AVF Summit 2015 (Beijing, China) - Prof. Joel Cuello

23.01.2015 - Bayerischer Rundfunk - Unser Land - Association for Vertical Farming TV Interview

05.01.2010 - GOOD - AVF Board Member, Dr. Dickson Despommier on Vertical Farming

20.05.2014 - Big Think - AVF Board Member, Dr. Dickson Despommier on Vertical Farming

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