Whitepaper 2020

AVF Whitepaper 2020


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The most detailed report on the European vertical farming market

Indoor/vertical farming is a solution for growing crops in a controlled environment. Hence, mitigating crop failure loss due to weather change provides forecasted predictable harvest and year-round production. It also creates more yield per square foot, conserves water, and much more. In this white paper, we lay out the current state of this industry in Europe and what will be needed in the future for it to take off and be successful. The information is the outcome of the data collected from interviews and surveys done with businesses, industry experts, and vertical/indoor farm owners in all European regions. It provides details on the benefits, different business models, and the current challenges faced in vertical/controlled indoor farming. It also provides assumptions on the future state of this industry.

52 pages


  • Vertical Farming & Market Transformation
  • Market Transformation
  • Proof of Concept
  • Business Model Segmentation
  • How to be Profitable
  • Current Challenges for Start-Ups
  • Reducing Costs with Innovation
  • Upcoming Products
  • Future Food Supply Chain
  • Consumer perception and food trends
  • Vertical Farming a Resilient Solution in times of Climate Change and COVID-19
  • Certificate vs. Blockchain
  • Building an Ecosystem for Vertical Farming
  • How to gain Critical Mass
  • From First Mover and Competition Phase to gaining Critical Mass
  • List of Vertical Farming Stakeholders in Europe


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