Webinar: Critical Lessons

Webinar – Critical Lessons: Learning Transfer from the Cannabis Industry to the Vertical Farming Industry

We are thrilled to organize a Webinar focusing on technical aspects and experience of these experts:

Our speaker Emil Breza is Co-Founder, President and CEO of AgricUltra™ Advancements Inc. Bringing together his interdisciplinary technical expertise and many years of product development and innovation he introduced to AgricUltra a PlantFirst™ design approach to create one of the industries most advanced Turn-Key Vertical solutions for Controlled Environment Agriculture applications.

Prior to founding AgricUltra, Emil had years of experience in Process Engineering, the Automotive Industry, Professional consulting and the Military where he honed his ability to identify the root cause of problems and develop solutions that are outside the box.

Our speaker Buck Young is Cofounder and Executive Director at CannTx Life Sciences Inc, a Canadian LP focused on leveraging innovation and science to produce exceptional cannabis products and provide solutions to industry. He is also the CEO of Saed Technologies Ltd, which develops and licenses technologies related to plant propagation, a Board member of Mary Agrotechnologies, and sits on the management committee for a cannabis botanical drug strategic alliance with Devonian Health Group. He is passionate about translating research findings into commercial outcomes, advancing the adoption of precision agriculture, and understanding nature’s pharmacopeia.