Laura Cammarisano

Head of Science

Laura Cammarisano is a scientist postdoc at Leibniz – Institute of Vegetable and Ornamental Crops (IGZ).

Her first date with plant science was in 2014 when she did her first lab internship in the Bioscience lab at Cardiff University (UK) and had the opportunity to contribute to different works and get a hint of a wide range of techniques used in plant science.

In 2015 she obtained her bachelor’s degree in biology at “Università della Calabria” (Italy).

In 2016 she won an Aberystwyth University (UK) scholarship of 3 years to perform her Ph.D. studies at the same university. The title of the Ph.D. project was “Illuminating future food production; the impacts of tuneable artificial lighting on food crop biology and productivity” with the aim of optimizing red lettuce growth and quality in a completely controlled environment with the sole use of light-emitting diodes (LEDs), studying aspects of lighting including irradiance, spectral quality, duration and time of application.

After completing the Ph.D. practical work and during the writing up period, in 2019, she started working at Leibniz – IGZ in the Controlled environment horticultural systems group where she studies plant response to light in vertical production systems aiming at monitoring and tailoring early plant stress through the use of modeling and sensors.