Welcome to AVF – Q&A with ambitas

This week AVF spoke with Martin Balaz CEO & Founder of ambitas.

“Our goal is to build technologically advanced, self-sufficient vertical farms that allow people to fully benefit from high quality, healthy, locally grown food in a very sustainable way.”

Who is ambitas?

We specialize in engineering revolutionary vertical farms, which represent a unique blend of our expertise in hardware, IoT, and our rich history in software development. We provide a full-service package, from design and building up to fully operational vertical farms. 

ambitas recognize the unique needs of each project and provide tailor-made engineering solutions and IoT solutions. Our dedicated team works closely with clients to develop customized approaches that meet specific requirements, ensuring that every solution is perfectly aligned with their goals while being economically meaningful.

What is your technology, and who is it for?

technology: custom hardware components, custom software solutions, energy-efficient LED lights developed specially for vertical farming, movable racks

 for vertical farms for better space efficiency, centralized control unit (making it efficient and easy to operate), tracking via IoT sensors (CO2 levels, temperature, humidity, pH, and leaf surface temperature), cloud, remote management, integration with HVAC, humidifiers, and watering system.

who is it for:

  • (large scale) farmers who know how to grow and need a partner to take care of the technology.
  • pharma & beauty: rare, scarcity herbs needed for this kind of business, in premium quality, in an exact amount andpredictable timing.
  • R&D: many crops which currently aren’t grown in vertical farming (or are not mainstream) but eventually will be. The test farm is the perfect environment for providing the data required for a proof of concept as it uses the technology that would be installed in the vertical farm.
  • Start-ups


What is unique about your product and approach?

Photo Credit: ambitas

We provide custom-made components and full package solutions – consultations, planning and design, hardware and software development, installation process, maintenance, and continuous support. The output is that the client does not have to worry about anything regarding technology, while getting the benefit of having the most suitable technology for operations. Custom manufactured components allow us to provide a high level of quality, energy efficiency and ensure long-term maintainability.

What is the potential of your technology going forward?

We are constantly working to improve our technology and develop new components to achieve the best possible result in terms of efficiency and performance. Currently we are mostly focused on lights, energy and space efficiency and last but not least working on making our technology compliant with CIF Certification. And of course, let us surprise you with the specific enhancements we have in the pipeline.

What are your goals in the future?

Our goal is to fulfil the dreams of having vertical farms for our clients who know how to grow but are looking for a reliable partner for technology. Helping those whose climate zone does not allow them to grow anything in the traditional way, therefore doing something for a greener future. We are making every effort to bring cutting edge technology for vertical farming to the market while having the economics of the investment in our minds.

ambitas is interested in collaborating with farmers, clients, partners, or other participants in the vertical farming space or those who are thinking about entering this space. Our first vertical farm project was with Veles Farming.

Reach out to ambitas: Email sales@ambitas.org