Urban Future – Oslo 2019

Urban Future – Oslo 2019

Unlocking the Potential of Indoor Farming in Cities of the Future


Establishing High-Tech Urban Food Systems in Cities of the Future

How can cities keep pace with the rapidly-evolving value chain?

Format: Guided workshops

Introduction: The next decade will bring rapid change in the technologies and techniques used to grow food in cities. How can businesses and entrepreneurs keep pace with this level of innovation? Join us in guided workshops to learn how to manage this influx of new technologies and apply them successfully to drive down costs, integrate renewable energy, and improve citizens’ access to healthy, sustainably-produced food.


  1. Integration of AI, machine learning, 5G and other upcoming technologies in the next generation of indoor farms. Moderator: TBD
  2. Potential of renewable energy sources in the industry and energy efficiency in indoor farms. Moderator: Ramin Ebrahimnejad
  3. Indoor/Vertical Farming Designs and Strategies. Moderator: Joel Cuello

Roundtable Discussion

The Science of Food Production in the City

Food and future cities — growing food where the people live: what, why and how

Format: Moderated panel discussion with public Q&A session.

Introduction: Food production meets all of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals; accordingly, it also touches on all of Urban Future’s thematic areas. Why then is food production so often left out of city planning? This roundtable discussion will cover the importance of placing food at the centre of city planning, and the best ways to go about doing so. Hear unique industry perspectives on what is working and what needs to change, and then take the opportunity to ask questions in a 20-minute public Q&A session.

Design Thinking Session

CityChangers Contribute to Sustainable Urban Food Production with Indoor Farming

Developing a 5-year roadmap to implement indoor farming in cities across the globe.

Format: Design Thinking Workshop.

Introduction: Providing a sustainable and sufficient food supply is one of the most important functions of a city. Join us in developing a roadmap for an innovative, robust urban food production system which is climate resilient, resource efficient and part of a circular city model.

Work side-by-side with experts, professionals and enthusiasts to develop realistic strategies for implementing the technologies necessary to grow food in an increasingly urban future. Based on the results of this session, the roadmap will be formally written and communicated to the AVF’s member network for uptake in businesses and research institutions across the globe.

Attendance limited to 20 participants

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