Urban Agriculture Speaker

Urban Agriculture: Macro Views and Micro Experience

AVF is pleased to announce Josef Schmidhuber, Deputy Director, Trade and Markets Division, FAO, as a keynote speaker at Urban Future Global Conference

“There is a growing recognition that urban agriculture can make an important contribution to better diets at lower resource footprints, enhanced mirco-climates (ambient cooling) and even reduced import dependencies. I share and support this view.” -Josef Schmidhuber.

Dr. Schmidhuber holds a M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics and a Ph.D. in Economics from the Technical University of Munich. His work and research has been published in books, peer-reviewed journals and official documents of organisations including the OECD, IPCC, and FAO.  He brings a critical understanding of both global and hyper-localised trends that are influencing the economics and feasibility of indoor farming in cities of the future.

Unlocking the Potential of Indoor Farming in Cities of the Future

Dr. Schmidhuber acknowledges that controlled-environment agriculture is a disruptive technology in the field of smart farming. But how do we transition from disruptive to sustained? What factors are necessary for a greater uptake, integration and implementation of these vital technologies?

He will present on urbanisation from a macro perspective, giving key insights into the global shift toward more urbanised societies, before zooming in on a micro view (MENA region and UAE in particular) to illustrate the importance of CEA in this increasingly urban future.

Join us at Urban Future Global Conference

We are bringing experts from across the globe to speak, lead workshops and engage with the audience at Urban Future. We invite you to take this opportunity to join in the conversation and help grow the industry! If you would like to join us at Urban Future Global Conference, you can find tickets here: https://bit.ly/2JdzbZ4

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Urban Agriculture speaker

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