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We are an internationally active nonprofit organization focusing on advancing Vertical and Urban Farming technologies, designs and businesses. We encourage you to explore our website to find out more about Vertical Farming and our resources such as the AVF Map, AVF Glossary, AVF Typology, Events, Media and Members pages.  Scroll down and click on any location on the map to display more details about Vertical Farming projects around the world.


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AGRITECTURE Al Azhar University- Gaza BrightBox German Aerospace Center (DLR) HAS University of Applied Sciences Sostenipra Texas A&M Agrilife Research University of Hohenheim Virginia State University Wigan University Technical College agrilution UG Blue Planet Environmental Certhon D-Glatt Farmers Market by Hort Americas IF Juice Illumitex Inc. Indoor Harvest Corp Infarm GmbH Intravision Group AS Local Roots Farms Media Flow Philips Plantagon Priva sustainable AG TruLeaf UrbanaPlant WaterFarmers Aquaponics