Revolutionizing Agriculture: Veles Farming Leads the Way in Vertical Farming Saffron Cultivation


Nestled in the heart of Europe, Slovakia’s Veles Farming is at the forefront of an agricultural revolution. Driven by a commitment to sustainability, technological innovation, and market exploration, this pioneering company is committed to redefining saffron cultivation through vertical farming.

The farm facility currently manages 115,000 saffron bulbs. It has achieved this by optimizing the space and resources within a modest 50 square meters. When Veles Farming realize the facility’s full efficiency and potential, the number could rise to 140,000 bulbs. The same amount of bulbs would require 1500 m2 of outside fields to grow and Veles Farming produces a yield three times higher than outside farming from each harvest.

Overcoming Challenges

Veles Farming has overcome complex challenges during its development through quality and innovation. Quality is at the heart of the business, so Veles Farming imports saffron bulbs only from reputable suppliers in South Africa and the Netherlands, subjecting each batch to rigorous checks to prevent infection. This meticulous attention to detail sets the foundation for exceptional saffron renowned for being above the requirement values for Grade 1 (highest grade) and with increased amounts of bio active compounds – a testament to Veles Farming’s unparalleled quality.

Innovation has come about in part because the delicate nature of handpicking and processing saffron requires high labor costs. The farm began exploring integrating robotics as a possible solution to address these costs. While the search for robots capable of such delicate tasks continues, Veles Farming remains optimistic, having managed to automate 70% of the process already and looking to complete the last 30% this year using a harvester robot. The team has been actively pursuing more automation to enhance the efficiency and precision of their growing system and reduce labor costs over time.

This spirit of innovation extends beyond cultivation techniques. Veles Farming is expanding into new markets in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, where the type of saffron the farm produces with high levels of active compounds is in growing demand. This strategic diversification showcases the versatility of such exceptional saffron and establishes Veles Farming as experts in their field and a premium supplier.

An invitation to experience this ground breaking work first-hand

In collaboration with the Association for Vertical Farming (AVF), Veles Farming is excited to open its doors for a unique event. With the saffron bulbs set to bloom in mid-April, Veles Farming are planning a tour for our members to witness this spectacular event. This tour is a rare opportunity to experience the beauty of saffron cultivation up close and to learn more about the innovative practices at Veles Farming. We encourage any AVF members interested in attending this special event to contact us at the AVF – SL@vertical-farming.netand be a part of this memorable experience.

As the AVF, we take pride in supporting trailblazers like Veles Farming, who exemplify the transformative potential of vertical farming. Their dedication to quality, efficiency, and the pursuit of new applications for growing saffron serves as an inspiration to us all. Whether you’re a seasoned industry professional or simply curious about the convergence of technology, sustainability, and agriculture contact Veles Farming – info@velesfarming.comto discover more about their groundbreaking work, sign up for the upcoming tour, or explore opportunities for collaboration.

Together we can be part of the journey towards a more sustainable, efficient, and innovative agricultural future.