how to do a thesis on vertical farming?

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harsh1093 asked 2 years ago

my name is harsh, im 23 and im a architecture student, in my last year of architecture.
and for my thesis i want to do an study of how vertical farming can help to develope the agriculture in mumbai,india.
in what climate vertical farming can be done? 
what typologies can be incorporated with vertical farming(like mixed use,hotels,hospitals)?
can it be done in remote areas like deserts?
are there any vertical farm projects ongoing or proposed in mumbai or India?
plz help me out as i am new to this topic and found a interesting one which helps in growth of cities providing a sustainable living.
i hope i will get my answers here and provide me suitable data for my project.
thank you.

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Radu Mircea Giurgiu answered 2 years ago

First of all, Vertical Farms (VF) are not dependent on climate, because VF are enclosed facilities for growing crops. The things that you can relate VF to climate are issues about energy, for example, if there is enough available sun you can use solar panels, or if there is alot of rain you can collect so there are fewer costs for the facility.  If you want to do your thesis on VFs, which sounds good, you should read more about the basics of VF, and you can find easily online.
If you want to add more functions to it, you can think of Restaurants, as it goes hand in hand with fresh vegetables, but also research and education centres.
It can be done almost everywhere, but is it usually thought for an Urban endeavour. You have to think that you need water and electrical supplies along with other services that would be more difficult in a remote area. You can argue about the desert as there is no suitable soil for cultivation, so a VF could be the way to grow locally, fresh food.
About current VF in Mumbai, I think you could find that online, as well.
Good luck!
Here you can see a project I have worked on with an international team for a course. We chose a specific case study but you can get inspiration from the other approaches that we had. Itțs not worthy of a complete thesis, because it was more about working together on a specific framework, but maybe it helps:
Best regards,
Radu Giurgiu