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Q&A with Farm Anywhere!

We sat down with Gabriel Zarafonitis at GreenTech to learn about their highly efficient and precise manufacturing process. – A container tailored for any crop, any time, anywhere, and for everyone. 1. Who is Farmanywhere? FarmAnywhere is a manufacturer and innovator in the field of agricultural equipment. 2. What is

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Microgreens sprouting in Czech Republik – Welcome MoraviaLab!

MoraviaLab is a small company from the Czech Republic engaged in hydroponic vertical cultivation systems under artificial lighting. They develop, research, produce, and supply complex modular technological solutions for the vertical cultivation of herbs, microgreens, vegetables, and fruits. Moravialabs vertical hydroponic systems with automation and IoT elements copy the principles

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Interested in growing more than leafy greens? Check out our new member, Grow-tec from Israel!

Powering CEA yields Grow-tec is a company established in 2004 specializing in high-yield indoor Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). The company has 2 lines of business: 1. Technologies for cultivation and drying/curing of high-quality cannabis 2. Technologies for ultra-high yield indoor vertical farming of fruity vegetables Grow-tec’s technology enables indoor cultivation

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