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Hoogendoorn: A Worldwide Innovator In Horticultural Automation

This week we welcome our newest member, Hoogendoorn Growth Management!   Hoogendoorn is an innovative Dutch company with over fifty years of experience in horticultural automation. The company delivers sustainable automation solutions which coordinate all the various processes and systems governing horticultural organisations. Hoogendoorn began as a small technical installation

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Covid-19 Highlights The Need For Responsible Food Production

Food markets offer food to millions of people globally, particularly those living in expanding cities. Urban ‘wet markets’ selling perishable goods, however, have increasingly been viewed as a public health concern. Fresh produce risks cross contamination in markets selling meat, fruit and vegetables without sufficient health and safety measures in

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The road ahead for vertical farming

“In the next 10-15 years, vertical farming will rise as one of the dominant forms of agriculture.” In a recent webinar presented by the Association for Vertical Farming and Heliospectra, the opportunities and challenges facing the vertical farming industry in 2020 and beyond were highlighted, resulting in quotes like the

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