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Farming to Save the Environment

Traditional farming systems and vertical farming technology share a dependency on agribusiness and the goal of working towards rapid technological advancements to maximize the efficiency and the yield of the growing process. To provide food sustainably, we must consider all factors of sustainability collectively. This includes environmental, social and economic

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Indoor Farming Is the Future

By 2050, there will be 10 billion people on the planet, the majority of whom in cities. Gertjan and Lianne Meeuws behind Eindhoven firm, Seven Steps To Heaven, believe indoor farming is the future. “Our traditional food system is incapable of feeding everyone responsibly.” All of Eindhoven can identify Gertjan

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The road ahead for vertical farming

“In the next 10-15 years, vertical farming will rise as one of the dominant forms of agriculture.” In a recent webinar presented by the Association for Vertical Farming and Heliospectra, the opportunities and challenges facing the vertical farming industry in 2020 and beyond were highlighted, resulting in quotes like the

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