KETOS: Redefining Water Quality Assurance

The AVF is excited to welcome a new member: KETOS. KETOS has created a highly intelligent and fully integrated solution that automates water quality testing and monitoring of over 20 parameters including nutrients, pH, salinity, heavy metals, and inorganics. The self-calibrating, self-cleaning system includes threshold-based alerts and real-time reporting with

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Introducing Organifarms

The Association for Vertical Farming is pleased to welcome its new member, Organifarms. Organifarms is tackling the challenge of achieving sustainable agricultural practices in the face of climate change and a growing population by creating automation technology for vertical farming systems. Their highly innovative robot stations can be easily integrated

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Horticultural engineer

Meet Marvin Spence, the AVF’s New Project Manager

Introducing Marvin Spence, Horticultural Engineer and New AVF Project Manager Marvin Spence, BSc., is a recent graduate in Horticulture with a specialisation in trade and service from the University of Applied Science Weihenstephan-Triesdorf in Freising near Munich. In high school, he was interested in computers and studied computer science. But

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Urban Future Keynote Speaker

Paul Gauthier is Proving the Potential of Vertical Farming for an Urban Future

AVF announces Paul Gauthier, Associate Research Scholar, Department of Geosciences and the Princeton Environmental Institute, Princeton University, as Keynote Speaker at Urban Future Global Conference Paul Gauthier is a globally-recognised thought leader in the world of vertical farming. In 2017, he launched the Princeton Vertical Farming Project (PVFP), a hub

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