Valoya LEDs & Innovators Conference 2018

Valoya will bring the industry experts into one room on June 13th at Greentech 2018 to talk about crop science and light, vertical farming and cannabis.

The Crop Science and Light section will be kicked of with Valoya’s biologist, Ms.Stefanie Linzer, presenting the groundbreaking Speed Breeding technique that enables a double number of annual generation cycles for wheat, barley and similar plants. This session will be followed by a presentation by Mr.Giovanni Minuto, director of CeRSAA, one of Europe’s most known agricultural research institutes. In his presentation we will learn about achieving high biomass in basil as well as on how to use LED to fight peronospora, a technique which may revolutionize basil cultivation.

The Vertical Farming Innovators Panel will gather founders of some of Europe’s most prominent vertical farms: Growing Underground (London) and GROWx (Amsterdam). They will be joined by the Vice President of AVF (Association for Vertical Farming), a body that helps establish and fosters the rapid development of the entire, global vertical farming industry. Last but not least, Mr.Lars Aikala, Valoya’s CEO will share the stage and give inputs on developing LED solutions that serve vertical farmers’ bottom line: profitability.

The third and final content block is titled Hard Science Talk on Cannabis. Before venturing into the cannabis market Valoya has commissioned an independent research institute to study Valoya’s and competitors’ lamps and various light sources in general so as to understand what the optimal parameters are for achieving optimal plant growth. After more than 2 years and several rounds of trials the data will be presented by Mr.Gianpaolo Grassi, one of Europe’s leading Cannabis sativa research experts.

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