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AVF Hong Kong Summit 2018

The transformative power of Vertical Farming will be on display at Asia’s leading agricultural trade show

On September 5-7, Hong Kong will play host to Asia Fruit Logistica, one of the world’s largest fruit and vegetable trade conferences. With thousands of key stakeholders in the world’s agricultural supply chain meeting up in Hong Kong, what better place could there be for the AVF’s first-ever Vertical Farming Summit in Asia? We cordially invite you to join us on Friday, September 7  at the AVF Hong Kong Summit 2018 for a day full of activities in which we will clearly demonstrate the power of Vertical Farming to change the face of the food industry.

A roadmap for the future of vertical farming

The vertical farming industry has been moving from strength to strength in recent years, as fully-realized facilities are opening up across the globe. Having demonstrated its clear potential as a positive force in the future of food, we now need to capitalize on the moment and establish a clear path forward. The AVF’s Vertical Farming Summit 2018 allows us the opportunity to connect current and future (interested) stakeholders, each of whom have valuable insights and unique approaches within our industry. We aim to discover the missing links that will lead to a wider adoption and implementation of Vertical Farming and Plant Factories throughout the world.

Building the roadmap for the future of Vertical Farming

During this event, we will define and identify how politics, industry cooperation, technology, science, society, and finance can contribute to the future development of Vertical Farming. Highlights of the event will include:

  • Keynote speeches from:
    • Robert Chen, Chairman, President and CEO of AEssense
    • Saskia Sassen, Professor of Sociology at Columbia University
  • Interactive workshops
    • Eight topic groups, including: industry & technology, science, education, investment & finance, Smart Food Future Cities, Policies & Legislation
    • Design thinking sessions to get you engaged with like-minded individuals


Play your part in the future of Vertical Farming at the AVF Hong Kong Summit 2018

As a participant, you are invited to choose one design thinking session in which you will work together with other like-minded individuals to create a five-year plan for your particular topic. After the workshops, we will reconvene to share and discuss our groups’ findings and develop an overarching 5-year roadmap for the implementation of Vertical Farming/Plant Factories. We look forward to seeing you, learning with you and growing this great industry with your help!

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