AVF Course

The Vertical Farming Fundamentals Course

Vertical farming is one of the most sought after terms on the internet today and a much discussed topic in the fields of technology and agriculture. It will become an important source of fresh, healthy, sustainably-produced food in the future. In our introductory course on vertical farming fundamentals, we first deal with the fundamental challenges of agriculture and global developments.

In the first part, we deal with the basic concepts and history of vertical farming. Furthermore, an overview of the technologies such as hydroponic cultivation methods, photosynthesis and the use of LEDs is provided. Finally, examples of pricing and cost structures are presented.

On the second day, the focus will be on terms such as sustainability, the circular economy and resource recycling. The climate impacts of vertical farming will be discussed, but also questions of cultivation systems with climate control and fertilizer application. The course is suitable for laymen and aims to provide a better understanding and knowledge of this topic of the future.

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Contact person:
Petr Kirpeit
Inquiries regarding tickets or discounts please email to pk@vertical-farming.net

Course information:

Duration: 8 hours, divided into 4 hours a day
Date: 01.-02.11.2019
Location: The course takes place in the rooms of the Kreisvolkshochschule Harz in Wernigerode (see map).