New Member: Welcome Canobi!

The AVF is delighted to welcome Canobi Technologies as a new member. Founded in 2014, Canobi Technologies is the brainchild of long-time data center pro Robin Vincent, and they help indoor farmers to scale up their operations.

Canobi told the AVF:

“Canobi Technologies is an Indoor Farming Management (IFM) systems company enabling farmers and equipment manufacturers to add monitoring and automation to their operations and product offerings.

Our platform can integrate with existing sensors, devices, or systems to monitor, automate, and optimise both farming and business processes. This enables farmers to analyse everything that goes on, in order to make data-driven decisions, which in turn helps to improve crop quality and yields.

Canobi is looking to collaborate with agricultural device and systems manufacturers and greenhouse developers to add monitoring, automation, and optimisation to their offerings. Our goal is to help make indoor agriculture efficient and sustainable.”


You can learn more about and get in touch with Canobi via their website: