Welcome vali.sys! – industrial automation and leading SCADA system experts

Introduction from vali.sys:

We are an innovative, independent and continuously growing Swiss company. 

At vali.sys we distinguish ourselves by our agile and flexible approach to fulfilling customers’ requirements and offer unrestricted monitoring in the GMP and ISO area. We are active worldwide in the fields of industrial automation and facility monitoring and are proud to be a leading manufacturer of SCADA applications and monitoring systems for various markets such as the pharmaceutical or medical device industry.

We as vali.sys gmbh produce mainly but not only exclusively clean room monitoring systems. These help our customers and partners to ensure and prove a high quality, safe and reliable monitoring of their production and quality standards. 

We are very proud to be ISO 9001:2015 certified for 12 years. 

An efficient and reliable monitoring system is important and useful not only in the above-mentioned markets. We are aware that in vertical farming the monitoring, control, and quick adjustment of various parameters such as temperature, humidity and pressure can have a crucial role in achieving the optimal production output. Our goal is therefore to work with you to find and achieve a unique solution that fits your needs. 

We produce tailor-made solutions for our customers and partners, which makes every single system unique. A special concern for us is to actively identify the needs of our customers and partners and to develop and realize customized solutions. From consulting and planning to system handover, we accompany our customers and deliver Swiss quality.

Another distinguishing feature of our systems is that they can be connected to virtually all systems commonly used in the industry. This brings the advantage of being able to integrate existing solutions already on site. 

With our carefully selected partners and suppliers, we also ensure that we can use the latest, most advanced, and reliable products for our customers

The market is growing, and we are moving forward together with it.

Independently or in cooperation with our partners, we develop new and continuously improved and more accurate system solutions. We are able to serve more needs and markets. 

The automation market is currently, as mentioned, developing very quickly and diversely in all industries. As a result, it is taking on an increasingly important role.

We do not want to let automation degenerate into a luxury product accessible only to a few. Instead, we want to offer an affordable solution without compromising on quality.