Welcome Khatod!

Introduction from Khatod:

Khatod is an engineering and production company, focusing on optics. With more than 65 injection molding machines, in-house optical design and tooling construction, a full service from lighting to product is provided.

A lot of efforts have been put so far in lighting sustainability: the optic design takes the distribution of light as well as electrical efficiency in account, ultimately reducing costs on lighting.

In the premises, situated near Milan (Italy), optical and mechanical engineers work side by side, in order to respect the targeted goals on lighting efficiency.

Product design is considered as a whole: from the application, to the useful lighting data, to the electronics, to the fixture itself.

Engineering materials and optical designs, Khatod aims to fulfill sustainability goals, providing an optic made of recyclable material, ensuring efficiency and reducing wasted light and electricity. With the right optics, that bring light exactly where it is needed, lots of energy costs are saved.

Our hope, is to connect with different lighting manufacturers to engineer new luminaires together, in order to bring energy efficiency a top priority in the growing horticultural industry.