New Member! Graze It – Sustainable Animal Feed

Introduction from Graze It:

“Graze it” is solving the major food security challenge in the Middle East (reliance on expensive import) by growing sustainable animal feed at the consumer’s site, through innovative vertical farming. We Develop, Build & Operate decentralized hydroponic vertical farms, and sell the produce (fodder) to our customer as a service, via a secure long-term off-take agreement.

Our solution is for the meat and dairy farmers of the middle east, that are importing for over $1bn of feed per year due to lack of local supply.

We adapt and improve the latest agri-technologies to sustainably grow the most economical animal feed where the demand is. We are improving the CEA technologies and nutrition contents associated to fodder by capitalizing on the data of our operating assets, our clients and our affiliated labs.

The potential of our solution is it’s growth:  indeed our business model allows us to remove the financial hurdle from the customer, and scale with limited dilution using infra-finance structuring (similar approach to what the team has been doing for decades by structuring and financing power plants).

Through the AVF network, Graze It is keen to explore research collaboration with Agri institutes.