introducting aabsoo

AABSOO: (in Persian) AAB = water + SOO = direction and light

In the past two years, AABSOO has been active and worked with places around Tehran, Iran. The team provided the implementation and installation service with the consultation and growth monitoring for two urban plant factories in a 40 sqm garage and 20 sqm patio, along with the 200 sqm greenhouse that can grow 24000 plants. After attending VertiFarm 2022, AABSOO has been part of AVF Labs in Munich.

AABSOO is the design and technology organization for vertical farming, providing innovative and efficient solutions in horticulture. The company aims to redesign how vertical farming has been performed in the past twenty years. Instead of growing plants in a warehouse-racking format, AABSOO’s modular and interactive design takes the shape of a cylinder with a rotary movement. This kinetic installation is inspired by focusing on the productive force between matter and motion.

The rotary movement of plants takes an equal amount of light from certain resources and only takes 1/3 amount of special LEDs for vertical farming, which brings fewer costs and electricity usage. Also, this design gives better accessibility to work with plants and much more production capacity compared to former vertical farming methods in shelves.

AABSOO’s vibrant team works with bare-root method of farming different plants and vegetables. At the moment, their focus is on plants that consume much water that is practical to be grown in vertical farming. Focusing on plants’ needs and capabilities makes it possible to bring installation, implementation, and growth monitoring services of AABSOO to empower farmers, greenhouse owners, and urban agriculture practitioners.

The state-of-the-art goals for the future would be to open-source the designs and models of AABSOO, that could reflect on the progress of vertical farming methods. Also, furthering research and development between West Asia and Germany, building data products, and providing services for digital transformation in Agriculture are the main aspirations for the near future.

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