Q&A with our new member Agronomic IQ!

“It takes a village to raise a child is a good metaphor for this industry, as many critical elements are required to design, build, and operate a thriving vertical farm or greenhouse. We seek long-term partnerships with other like-minded businesses focusing on over-serving the customer to ensure their success. The better the collaboration, the more successful these projects are.” Jeffrey Baylis, Business Development and Sales Manager at AGronomic IQ.


Who is AGronomic IQ?

AGronomic IQ is an all-in-one HVAC manufacturer that works exclusively on fully indoor and greenhouse growing applications. We were birthed from a long history of high enthalpy dehumidification in the natatorium space, dating back to the 70’s. When our pool brands started receiving inquiries about indoor growing applications, we realized our product was well-suited for this demanding application. As the industry grew, so did our focus. We launched the AGronomic IQ brand in 2018, which included a fully redesigned product that addressed the CEA industry’s critical needs. We added additional stages of cooling and dehumidification, state-of-the-art controllers, and redundancy. We have made it our mission not just to understand the application but to become thought leaders in the CEA space by publishing a book and design guide and constantly sharing new informative content about the technical details of the application.

What is your technology, and who is it for?

We manufacture innovative air handling units that provide the cooling and dehumidification required for indoor farms and greenhouses, with a very high level of control and industry-leading efficiency. Our equipment is designed for a process application that is relied upon heavily 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. We have several products that utilize the same fundamentals but are designed to fit small to large spaces, indoor or outdoor equipment locations, and environments ranging from -40 to 120F+ outdoor air temperatures.

What is unique about your product and approach?

Our entire team, from design and manufacturing to sales and service, is 100% focused on the CEA market. While most other HVAC solutions are reapplied products from other applications that appear to be similar, AGronomic IQ’s CEA-focused team has allowed us to provide a purpose-built product that offers exceptional, reliable performance. We also handle all unit controls in-house, allowing us to utilize our vast base of project data (and lessons learned) to fine-tune our equipment for your ideal growing conditions.

What is the potential of your technology going forward?

Our team constantly innovates to improve our products and meet the industry’s ever-changing demands. We are currently working on a large application format that utilizes three or more units per room to offer the same level of control and reliability at the best value possible.

What are your goals in the future?

We strive to be industry leaders in providing HVAC for the CEA space while being recognized as thought leaders and contributing to the industry knowledge of the application. We will continue to grow our presence in the market – beyond our current 170 sites and over 1300 units in the field.