AVF Announces New Board for ’24 & ’25

Feb 3rd Munich, Germany

The Association for Vertical Farming (AVF) is proud to announce its board of directors for 2024, signifying a pivotal moment for leadership and innovation within the vertical farming industry. The AVF annual general meeting, held on February 3, 2024, marks the beginning of a transformative phase with the continuation of seasoned leaders and the introduction of new expertise.

Prof. Dr. Silvana Nicola is welcomed to the board, poised to infuse the AVF’s mission with her profound knowledge in horticulture and sustainable agriculture. Her forward-thinking approach to integrating vertical farming into urban areas is eagerly anticipated to catalyze significant advancements.

The AVF extends its deepest gratitude to Prof. Joel Cuello for his unparalleled dedication and leadership throughout his tenure as Vice-Chair. As he transitions to Director of the Advisory Board, Prof. Cuello’s visionary guidance is set to enrich the AVF’s scientific and technological pursuits, building on the foundation of his remarkable contributions.

Christine Zimmermann-Loessl continues to helm the AVF as Chairwoman, reaffirming her position by a resounding vote of confidence. Her leadership has been instrumental in navigating the AVF through milestones and growth, with a steadfast commitment to the community’s future.

Marc Juárez, re-elected as Vice-Chair, brings invaluable expertise and leadership to the AVF. An Electrical Engineer and the Technical and Marketing Director at Seoul Semiconductor Europe, his profound understanding of engineering, R&D, luminaires, and regulations enhances the AVF’s innovative capabilities.

With these dynamic leaders at the helm, the AVF is poised to steer the vertical farming industry toward a future marked by sustainability and technological breakthroughs. We invite our community to support our board as we embark on this exciting journey together.

Looking ahead with optimism, we are convinced that our combined efforts will lead the AVF into a new era of vertical farming.

Source: AVF; left to right: Marc Juarez, Christine Zimmermann-Lössl, Prof Dr Silvana Nicola