Urban Future
May 22, 2019 at 00:00 The Hub Oslo, Norway

Unlocking the Potential of Indoor Farming in Cities of the Future @ Urban Future Global Conference

AVF hosts indoor farming forum at Urban Future Global Conference

On 22-23 May, the AVF will host an indoor farming conference in Oslo, the 2019 European Green Capital. URBAN FUTURE global conference is the world’s largest meeting dedicated exclusively to CityChangers – decision makers who actively, passionately and with innovation make cities more sustainable. The AVF’s conference-within-a-conference will touch on all of Urban Future’s main thematic areas (Urban Mobility, Built Environment; Leadership; Green Business & Innovation) but will be the only forum to specifically focus on the innovative food chain.

In this light, we cordially invite you to the AVF forum entitled: “Unlocking the Potential of Indoor Farming in Cities of the Future.”

Preview the event details and purchase tickets here: https://vertical-farming.net/uf-oslo-2019/

Our role at Urban Future is to facilitate an honest conversation on best practices in urban food production

Through keynote speeches, we will inspire you to think about how food production can integrate within your city’s future. We have selected a panel of expert speakers from across the spectrum of indoor farming. Topics include: engineering & technology, plant science, scaling business, and finance & investment.

With roundtable discussions, you will take part in an active debate that reflects the evolving nature of the industry. Take this time to ask questions of our experts and trust that you will get productive answers.

Finally, during the workshop segment, you choose a subject and take part in small-group discussions. Using proven workflow methods, your workshop group will create concrete outcomes that can integrate into future city planning. This is an unparalleled opportunity for networking with indoor farming experts.

The outcome? Realistic strategies for implementing food production systems in cities across the globe.

In the context of an increasingly urban future, indoor farming represents an immense opportunity for smart cities. In coming to Urban Future, we will help more cities move toward realising their food production potential. We encourage you to bring all your passion to the table; we will bring the expertise necessary to translate that passion into action!

Join us at #UFGC in Oslo and become part of the CityChangers movement! 

We have now released a preliminary schedule of workshops and discussions. You can check it out and buy tickets here: https://vertical-farming.net/uf-oslo-2019/