Certhon Innovation Centre

The brand new Innovation Centre of Certhon has been put into use. Two years of research preceded before the Innovation Centre, says Jeroen. “In addition to the successful indoor projects we have realized, research was done into the optimization of the technology of daylight-free cultivation. In the innovation centre, with eight growth chambers on an area of 240 m2, we can continue that research on a large scale. With the cultivation knowledge we gain, we can help our customers in the first few years on the right path with growing various crops. Furthermore, we can carry out trial projects to obtain reference figures and this unique facility offers the possibility to show our systems to our customers. “

During the GreenTech in June, Certhon can also be found in the vertical farming pavilion. The visitor can take a real-time look at the research chambers of the Innovation Centre in the booth.

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Since 1896, Certhon designs and realizes renewed and reliable techniques which make the cultivation of horticultural products worldwide enable. Meanwhile, Certhon has developed into a stable company that stands for the design and construction of turnkey greenhouses for the horticulture sector and innovation in the development of indoor farming and technical equipment.

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