Welcome to the AVF, Saveer Biotech ltd

We are committed to continuous improvement, staying abreast of the latest technologies and advancements. Our primary focus is to provide our customers with technology-driven validated solutions while maintaining price competitiveness to foster sustainable and seamless food production and agriculture. 

Saveer Biotech ltd. is a leading 4-decade Engineering Technology company from India offering turnkey solutions for tailor-made & specialized infrastructure projects in the field of Agri and horticulture. Started with products like Climate control systems and hi-tech Greenhouses in 1978, and by gaining knowledge & expertise, we gradually expanded the portfolio into Hydroponic Cropping systems, Aeroponics, Tissue Culture Labs, Growth Rooms, Speed Breeding Facilities, Phytotron, and indoor Vertical farming systems.

Their technology is based on a precision agriculture engineering platform to design products suitable for improving the quality & quantity of food by providing the desired optimum climate to plants with lesser utilization of resources, water, energy & land. Their client base is a scientific community that works on plant research to improve the quality & quantity of fresh and safe food production and all passionate growers who target to produce more by utilizing fewer resources.

Saveer provides the best mix of technology solutions to the customer on a turnkey basis as a one-stop solution provider. The company is considered a most reliable company with competitively priced products for the advanced technology offered due to our complete in-house designing, development, manufacturing, integration, automation, logistics, and execution & after-sales services.

Source: Saveer Biotech LTD.

Having executed over 8000 project installations across Pan India & abroad for over 4 decades. Saveer had closely worked with major reputed clientele from renowned Govt. & private sectors like UN Organization IRRI, Advanta, Bayer, PepsiCo, Reliance, Tata, Bilt, etc. Addressing the food crisis challenge is a global concern, and all their solutions are designed to bridge the technology gap regarding infrastructure requirements. As a result, both Saveer and its customers firmly believe in the strong potential of this technology, foreseeing exponential growth opportunities in the times ahead.

Globally, vertical farming is still in its nascent stage,  where experts are working to validate technology for making it affordable & sustainable to address future generations’ food challenges, which couldn’t be practically resolved through conventional agriculture practices. Saveer, being an experienced company, is keen to connect & offer their vertical farming infrastructure solutions at competitive pricing to global clients who share similar passions and are looking for a reliable company like ours to provide one-stop turnkey solutions to match anyone’s needs perfectly.