THORILEX, Ltd. Want to Bring Aquaponic Innovations to the World

From fishermen to commercial scale aquaponic suppliers and beyond

THORILEX is a testament to the evolution of food production. With a background in fishing and fish farming, the team came together in 2010 to bring aquaponic farming to the Czech Republic and then the world. Starting out as a consultancy firm, they soon developed into a more full-scale provider of services. By 2015, THORILEX, Ltd. was established as a designer and builder of turnkey fish farms, aquaponic and hydroponic farms.

Having scaled their business from fish farming to aquaponics with a proprietary recirculating aquaculture system, they looked around at the market and saw a big opportunity in vertical farming. I spoke with Marek Hrstka, THORILEX’s Business and Marketing Director to discuss the company’s success and plans for scaling business in the future.

THORILEX Aquaponics

THORILEX Aquaponic Design

THORILEX is making aquaponic innovation more accessible

2018 was a year of progress for THORILEX, as they designed and delivered new patented products. The THORILEX Hydroponic System, a modern vertical farming system that is adjustable and scalable for commercial-scale growing, is now available on their website. They are also offering a long-life hydroponic basket that is compatible with their growing system, as well as a stainless steel, self-cleaning fish tank.

THORILEX Aquaponic System

THORILEX designs products with the “IKEA-model”: because they are designed to be highly modular, they can be easily packed, shipped and delivered with minimal costs. In this way, Mr. Hrstka says that THORILEX can bring these modern aquaponics innovations to markets across the world. Since last year, they have been busy implementing their hydroponic system in a pilot project in a 2ha glass greenhouse. This showcase farm allows them to produce food in a highly controlled environment, generating and collecting data to be made available in future case studies.

Aiming for the world

THORILEX thinks in the global scale. Already well-established as leaders in the Czech Republic, they are now anticipating interest from the rest of Europe, China and North America. Yet Mr. Hrstka remains humble: “We are proud of our know how but without our partners, supporters and distributors, we wouldn’t be doing what we are doing now.” That could give a clue to why THORILEX joined the AVF: “We are open to any cooperation or partnership. We are looking for really good partners and distributors; feel free to get in touch.”

Current case studies and a product catalogue can be found on their website here:

Their special product website is here:


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