AVF Announces Ÿnsect as First Sponsor at Urban Future Global Conference

We are beyond excited to announce that Ynsect will be sponsoring our event Unlock the Potential of Indoor Farming in Cities of the Future at this year’s Urban Future Global Conference.

Ÿnsect (pronounced “Insect”), farms insects to make high-quality, premium natural ingredients for aquaculture and pet nutrition. As of now, Ÿnsect is composed of an 18,000-square foot R&D facility called Ÿnstitute, billed as the, “world’s largest private insect research centre;” and Ÿnsite, a demonstration facility. Their latest round of funding is complete and will finance the construction of the world’s largest automated insect farm, set to begin at the end of this year. But why are they taking insect farming to such a grand scale?

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Protein is king and demand is on the rise

The race to feed humans, livestock and farmed fish threatens to exhaust our planet’s resources. Fishmeal, for example, is the primary food source for farmed fish; that food source is under threat from overfishing and dangerously depleted fish stocks the world over. Now consider that up to half of fish consumed by humans come from fish farms and you see the knock-on effect. We need a new, natural, sustainable and responsible method for growing protein sources and indoor insect farming answers that call.

Ÿnsect is spearheading this new race for sustainable protein alternatives:

“By replacing traditional animal and fish-based feed sources with insect protein, Ÿnsect can offset the growing competition for ocean fish stock required to feed 2 billion more people in 2050, while alleviating fish, water and soil depletion, and agriculture’s 25% share of global greenhouse gas emissions.”

Insects are part of a natural diet for fish, birds and some mammals; they contain high levels of essential proteins and nutrients, which are optimal for animal growth. Large-scale, indoor insect farming means that fish farms will have a premium protein product with stability in supply and price.

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By joining us in Oslo as a sponsor, Ÿnsect also becomes the newest AVF member.

Ÿnsect believes that no matter what you are growing, all vertical farming operators face the same set of challenges. They are keen to partner with other companies in the AVF Network and push the industry forward. And we fully support them in their quest to place insects at the heart of agri-food systems.

Connect with Ÿnsect in Oslo on the 22-24 May. Tickets here: https://bit.ly/2Jjip9x

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