Optimizing Controlled Environment Agriculture

AVF is delighted to introduce its new member from Canada: AgricUltra!

Their AMPL Controlled Micro-Environment Agriculture design will provide operators with a higher degree of control over each row of the farm and with that comes more precision, diversity of crops, energy efficiency and many more benefits.

AgricUltra Advancements™ core focus is maximizing facility production of indoor farms while minimizing energy inputs through the design and development of turnkey, multi-layer grow platforms, expertly engineered inter-canopy management techniques and advanced LED-based light offerings with an emphasis on deep UVB+A. They help their clients avoid costly facility systems mistakes with advanced computational fluid design analysis (CFD modeling), validating concepts, facility design and components before any equipment is purchased.

From its beginning, AgricUltra has worked closely with academic, research, and industry partners to further the productivity and efficiency of indoor farms and increase the crop selection that can be grown. With their focus on continual innovation, AgricUltra strives to deliver the ideal environment that will allow us to grow higher-order crops indoors at a scale never seen before.

AgricUltra Advancements has developed an innovative grow system designed to manage the micro-environment of each plant within a row, turning every layer of every row into its own grow room with independent micro-climates.

We call it the Plant First™ approach to facility design.

Traditional HVAC Does Not Effectively Manage Vertical Grow Environments

AgricUltra Plant First™ Systems are designed from the plant outward, using CFD analysis to optimize the plants’ micro-environment (temperature, humidity, air movement, and CO2). This approach allows us to control each 40’ row independently of any other row and offers the unprecedented ability to manage and balance the operational output of facility to market requirements.

Learn more about AgricUltra: https://www.agricultra.com/ampl-cea-grow-platform