Introducing drop-N-gro – a complete turnkey indoor farm – Built by MCH, Powered by Canobi.ONE

We are excited to announce one of the most advanced modular indoor farming platforms. We have teamed up with MCH (Modulaire MCH Int.), a Montreal-based modular building company, to produce the perfect scalable solution for CEA farming. Built by MCH and powered by Canobi.ONE, drop-N-gro is a complete turnkey indoor farm. The base module includes everything you need to grow 2000 plants in a highly efficient vertical system: temperature, humidity, dosing, HVAC, lighting, and even water reclamation, which are entirely automated by the Canobi.ONE platform. All this is in a state-of-the-art modular building, which provides 33% more floor space and 40% more cultivation area than a typical shipping container solution. 

A Sustainable Solution
The building’s construction includes partly recycled steel and wall and floor panels made from recycled plastic bottles. Insulated to R30 and hermetically sealed, up to 90% of the water vapour released by the growing plants is recaptured and re-used inside the unit.

Available Anywhere
Delivery and set-up are simple. Drop-n-gro farms can be shipped across the globe, and installation is quick and easy due to MCH’s universal anchoring system. Certified by Transport Canada, NSM and NHTSA (DOT), the 12′ (3.65m) comprehensive modules fit through commercial garage doors for optional installation inside warehouses and other commercial buildings.

Scales with your Business
Beyond the base farm module, drop-N-gro has modules for pre- and post-processing, office space, cold storage, cleaning, sorting, packing, and more. Modules snap together and can be stacked three high – allowing your farm to expand effortlessly as your business grows.

“With drop-N-gro, we have resolved all of the known single points of failure inherent in CEA grow systems, especially shipping container-based systems. Everything you need in a scalable indoor agricultural system, from pre-processing to training to back office software tools, is included so you can focus on growing for your specific market.” Robin Vincent, CEO, Canobi AgTech 

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Source: Canobi AgTech; signing drop-N-gro agreement

About Modulaire MCH Int.
MCH is a manufacturer of eco-friendly prefabricated modular steel buildings. With a combined 60 years of engineering, design, manufacturing, and construction experience, the MCH founders wanted to rethink how modular buildings are designed. MCH’s current product line includes construction trailers, tiny homes, remote offices and cottages. 

About Canobi AgTech
Innovative experts in high-density, controlled-environment farming, Canobi AgTech wants to help farmers build more resilience into the food supply chain, and solve both local and global food security issues through sustainable Controlled Environment Agriculture. Canobi’s monitoring and automation platform, Canobi.ONE is a farm management solution for the future.

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