New Member! Welcoming Pharmaplant to the AVF

This week we are excited to welcome a new member to the AVF that focuses on the beginning of the supply chain: Pharmaplant. Located in the centre of Germany, they are a contract and research company with a large focus on medicinal plants for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, seasoning, and novel food industries.

Founded in 1927 to breed and cultivate Artemisia martimia L., they developed over the decades into a breeder focussing on herbs with medicinal aspects. In fact, the majority of medicinal and aromatic plant varieties registered in Germany originated from Pharmaplant’s fields.

Pharmaplant is enabling the cultivation of herbs and pharmaceutical plants that are still foraged in most regions. Reproduction and propagation of wild crops with reoccurring properties such as active agents and secondary metabolites is one of their core areas of expertise. From common sage, over five-seeded plume-poppy to ginseng – Pharmaplant has the know-how in a wide range of crops and is now exploring opportunities to improve crop cultivation in plant factories (click here for the catalogue).

Research on plant properties due to different artificial lighting influences are tested in the in-house Phytotron with a hydroponic system. Indoor cultivation methods offer a variety of advantages for the medicinal sector, but Pharmaplant’s work does not stop here; their broad experience enables them to consult their clients with post-harvest optimization in preserving the desired active agents.

While currently, the main customers are within Germany and Europe, Pharmaplant is hoping to expand its projects for clients globally by making themselves independent of the outside climate conditions. With its number of services and products, the company is well known as a reliable business partner in the horticulture space now looking for cooperations in CEA applications.

We are happy to include Pharmaplant into our active network within the AVF and look forward to supporting them during their next steps in the Vertical Farming industry.