Welcoming Harvest Ai to the AVF!

HarvestAi allows indoor farm owners to look into the future by using AI to predict harvest yields. For this, the German-based startup raised over EUR 2.7 m in Seed Funding and participates in accelerator programs by Oxford University and MIT.

Introduction from HarvestAi:

Based on data on environmental parameters inside and outside the greenhouse, HarvestAi’s sophisticated AI algorithm determines an accurate harvest date. This helps growers organize harvest logistics such as seeding, planting, staffing, and procurement of physical resources to the exact right time. It also allows greenhouses to better coordinate with the buyers of their produce for smooth business operations and to avoid food waste.

We want to increasingly use the power of harvest prediction to optimize specific pain points in areas of greenhouse operations that heavily depend on knowing harvest dates and volumes (notably e.g. staff task management, internal logistics, and sales).

By harnessing all relevant environmental parameters, both live and historical data, the SaaS tool will not only be able to predict harvest yields but also manipulate this date to meet harvest goals. The tool furthermore discloses the required resources that are needed to grow crops, whether from seed to ripe fruit, or the true costs of accelerating or slowing down growth to meet harvest goals.

We are looking for indoor farms that collect data on environmental parameters related to plant growth and want to realize the full potential of their data. We want to work with such farms to test our prototype to solve their pain points and improve the efficiency of their operations.