Welcoming Babylone Growers to the AVF!

We are pleased to welcome Babylone Growers to the AVF community!

Based in Paris with a production site in Beychac-et-Caillau near Bordeaux, France, Babylone Growers are developing new technologies to help feed the world. With R&D at the heart of their operation, they have developed promising patented hydroponic technology: X-Frame.

Babylone Growers are also among the finalists for this year’s Foodtech 500!

“We have conducted an R&D program to achieve the following goals:

  • Growing premium fruits and vegetables without pesticides
  • Competitive, regular and stable production (quantity / quality) without seasonality effects
  • Optimized yields 

We have conceived and patented our vertical farming system (X-Frame) that allows us to achieve very high yields (40 times more than conventional farming), while consuming less energy, water and fertilisers.

We have gathered an outstanding team of experienced professionals in different fields and have set up our first production unit of 10.000 sqm in Bordeaux, France.

Our strategy is to develop several production units, while maintaining the R&D effort to develop new technologies. We also aim to spread our technology in several countries through joint-ventures.

We would like to join the VF community to meet other players and potential partners in the vertical farming field, and  to explore new markets and opportunities.”