Welcoming Avisomo to the AVF!

News from Norway!

Avisomo’s test system will be kicking off this summer! 

Starting 4 years ago, Avisomo was founded mainly with Norwegian partners. They are currently launching their first fully automated vertical farming system and planning to expand with further projects in 2023 with the main focus on large scale operations. Avisomo is a tech company engaged in vertical farming. 

Through maximized automation processes their farming system requires only 2 employees for a facility the size of a 10,000m² growing area, supporting higher profitability during the production life span (compared to other vertical farming systems). 

Avisomo`s vertical farming system supports the needs of a broad range of vertical farmers/investors. The modular farming system is highly flexible –  for instance, scale, crop variance, growth conditions control, Automation level, and financing. The goal of Avisomo’s system is to support the production of 10 million tons of crops. To do so they are looking to collaborate with investors, vertical farmers, consulting, real estate and engineering partners.

Introduction from Avisomo:

Avisomo is a Norwegian startup, and one of the most exciting new vendors in the international vertical farming industry.

We currently have small scale productions set up at six locations in Norway – some of our early prototypes have now been producing greens for almost five years! We are now closing our seed funding  round and building a fully automated test facility in Norway, and are close to landing a few very exciting international projects in the near future.


What is your technology and who is it for?

We have developed a proprietary trolley farming concept and plant recipe software, and we are aiming to be a global equipment supplier and a soon-to-be vertical farmer in our native Norway.

Our numbers are looking to prove a radical reduction in both CapEx and OpEx for vertical farms, as well as industry leading flexibility and ease of installation and maintenance. In our systems you will be able to produce any kind of produce in parallel! 


What is unique about your product and approach

Our unique approach is a trolley based vertical farming concept, where no technology is attached to the trolleys. This enables us to move produce around the facility in a non-linear manner, and thus providing us with the opportunity to give our produce a variation of light spectrums and nutrition – thus optimizing to a variety of growth stages. This non-linear production form also allows us to produce any crop in the same system, without having to change the infrastructure. 

On top of this our system is intergratable with already existing farming automation equipment and the trolleys can simply be moved around the facility by robots. This allows us to automate the entire production from seeding to packaging, and greatly reduces the amount of operators needed in our facility. 


What is the potential of your technology going forward?

We believe it is huge! Given the capabilities of our system we have now created a way for vertical farmers worldwide to be able to change crop type whenever a new variety becomes economically viable. With our setup you just need to receive a new strip of LED lights (which are plug and play) and to adjust the height of the trolley shelves and then you can go from producing microgreens to tomatoes in a day. 


What are your goals in the future?

It’s simple – we aim to make every corner of the earth self sufficient with fresh, tasty and healthy produce.


We are currently looking for more international projects and experienced staff for our upcoming scaling – who could be based anywhere in the world!

So if you’re interested in joining our team, feel free to reach out to post@avisomo.no