Growing 800k Tons of Vegetables in the Desert with Veggitech

Veggitech subsidiary of Snasco Investments, took on the challenge of growing tons of vegetables (800 k tons per year) in the deserts of UAE. 

 They did this by bringing cutting edge technology to their spaces, focusing specifically on LED assisted hydroponic systems. They wanted to help reduce dependence on imported food and a limited outdoor growing season. 

This goal became a smashing success under expert leadership.  With over 45 acres farmed, 150 greenhouses, 45,000 square feet of indoor vertical farms in 4 locations. 

With a focus to the environment, they took their technology and their goals and introduced 10 kw of solar energy generation to their greenhouses. Their focus on local produce creation helped to eliminate over 36 tons of C02 emissions by limiting local reliance on imports transported long distances. 

By building up with vertical farms instead of traditional farms or green houses they were also able to conserve over 45 acres of land and 26 million litres of water saved leveraging hydroponic systems for farming.