Introducing VertiYard UG

The future of food production, as well as the natural medicinal and cosmetic industries, lies in harnessing the power of technology.

VertiYard is pioneering the future of agriculture through innovation and sustainability. They believe that the future of food production and the natural medicinal and cosmetic industries lies in harnessing the power of technology. That’s why VertiYard has embraced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to revolutionize how to grow and provide fresh, healthy produce and medicinal and cosmetic plants of high quality at affordable prices.

VertiYard uses an advanced network of high-resolution spectral imaging cameras strategically placed at different locations of the Indoor Vertical Farms (IVFs). These cameras continuously capture detailed
images of crops at various growth stages, from seedling to harvest ready. Their proprietary AI algorithms then analyze these images, providing real-time insights and control over every aspect of the farming
process. The AI algorithm alters the parameters to get the best suitable condition for the crop to grow efficiently. The software can easily be deployed in any IVFs to maximize production and reduce the cost of

Spectral imaging captures a wide range of spectral information beyond what the human eye can see. This allows us to detect subtle changes in plant health and physiology that may not be visible with
traditional imaging methods. Using this information, AI can control farm conditions and the nutrient supply of crop. This helps to reduce any chance of over or under-feeding the crop and cost of production. VertiYards future farm will produce more industrial plants (Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical) than conventional IVFs do. The technology can also be used to learn about the growing conditions needed for different crops from conventional farming. This will help to increase the diversity of the crops grown using precision agriculture.

The company aims to use VertiYards AI-driven control system on a large-scale hybrid farm (combination of IVF and Greenhouse) to increase efficiency and reduce production cost. To grow more diverse industrial plants (Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical) in more efficient and sustainable hybrid farms. To do so, VertYard is very much interested in establishing partnerships and collaboration with researchers and Indoor farming hardware suppliers to use advanced automation with state-of-the-art technology.