Welcoming Perfectly Fresh to the AVF!

Formed in 2016, Perfectly Fresh are an indoor vertical farming company based in the UK. Their growing method uses 95% water, no pesticides and their products don’t really need to be washed. Perfectly Fresh are high care specialists. By applying plant science combined with the highest hygiene standards, they optimise crop growing technology to consistently deliver the very highest quality, whilst enhancing global food security.

Introduction from Perfectly Fresh:

We are a privately owned business, using our own growing expertise and technology to grow “perfect plants” for our customers. Currently we grow premium salad leaves for Marks & Spencer Plc in the UK, our R&D programme will enable us to diversify into new market segments and product areas. We germinate, grow and harvest under high care conditions, meaning our product is ready to eat without washing.

We operate two sites based in Selby and Alderley Edge. Within our R&D facilities, we are pioneers in ventures beyond ready to eat fresh produce, developing our vertical growing prowess to discover novel plant based solutions.

We intend to enable land and soil recovery, food sovereignty to communities, and grow crops typically sourced globally here in the UK reducing the GHG impact (Scope 3) of our market partners.

Perfectly Fresh’s superb quality is achieved with the highest environmental commitment. Our state-of-the-art technology is sustainably supporting our journey to net carbon zero by 2030.

What are you looking for within the AVF/vertical farming community?

    • We want to work with others on standards and accreditations
    • We want to share lessons learned, and shortcuts discovered – particularly in non-competitive areas such as sustainability
    • We are here to grow the whole market, there is enough business for all of us
    • We want to explore; the Israel and India market, technology, and research communities