Urban Crop Solutions Again Named Indoor Farming Company of the Year By Agtech Breakthrough Awards

Urban Crop Solutions has once again been named the ‘Indoor Farming Company of the Year’ by the 3rd annual AgTech Breakthrough Awards, in another endorsement of their end-to-end, and total solution offering.

Urban Crop Solutions is an end-to-end indoor farming solutions provider, supporting clients with contract research trials, business planning, as well as the engineering and construction of indoor farms. Their own award-winning indoor farming solutions can be commissioned and scaled anywhere in the world, from remote islands to crowded metropoles. In its state-of-the-art UCS Research Centre, and with their proprietary PharmSpeeTM technology platform, the team of plant scientists develop recipes for applications ranging from staple foods to ingredients for cellular food products. With a library of 290+ plant growth recipes, 50+ modules deployed globally, and installations in 4 continents, UCS is the go-to partner for commercial growers and public-private research institutes.

The AgTech Breakthrough Awards named several products, solutions, and companies within the agricultural technology market, as winners of awards in multiple categories. The award was announced after a rigorous process of review, scoring, and analysis of over 1,600 submissions. Within the Indoor Farming category, awards were given for best providers of lighting systems, automation, and environmental monitoring – with Urban Crop Solutions named the Indoor Farming Company of the Year, in a recognition of their complete and total offering.

Jean-Pierre Coene, CEO of Urban Crop Solutions, stated,

“We’re honoured to have once again been recognised as the indoor farming company of the year – another recognition of the fact that our approach has been, and continues to be successful”

As an end-to-end indoor farming solutions provider, Urban Crop Solution carries their clients through the entire indoor farming journey as required by their client – from indoor biology and research trials at their own research centre, through to business planning, technology and installation – and after-sales support and maintenance.

Company Founder & CTO, Maarten Vandecruys, explained,

“We have always said that our sales approach is, and will remain, that of an ROI-based one. In that we want to work with our customers to select the right crops for their market or end-application. And ensure that they have a solid and feasible business plan in place prior to proceeding with a sale. We have therefore been working over the years to advance our entire offering”

Urban Crop Solutions continue to diversify and advance their value offering, with several new product updates, commercial partnerships, and the addition of a financing scheme added to their portfolio in the past year. They have furthermore achieved with their ModuleX plant factory, industry-record electrical efficiency, an indicator of high importance in indoor vertical farming. This alongside collaborations in the biotech and cellular agriculture sphere, a high-profile ModuleX project sale announcement in Saudi Arabia, and ongoing repeat sales and research collaborations at local level.