Meet AVF’s New Member, InvertiGro, at VertiFarm!

Introduction from InvertiGro:

InvertiGro, Australian Agripreneur of the Year 2021, is an Australian AgTech innovator bringing the next generation of indoor vertical farming to the market. InvertiGro has designed and developed, builds and supports fully-integrated (hardware, software and services) indoor vertical farming solutions that enable businesses to quickly and affordably become highly efficient and sustainable modern farmers.

Delivering unprecedented flexibility and efficient scalability, InvertiGro‘s ‘plug and play’ indoor vertical farming solutions enable businesses, wherever they fit in the food supply chain (from on-farm to in-store) or geographically, to quickly and affordably become highly efficient and sustainable modern farmers.

Rather than competing with existing growers, InvertiGro‘s flexible solutions enable existing growers (and new entrants alike) to become highly efficient modern farmers.

InvertiGro‘s fully-integrated growing solutions address the indoor vertical farming industry’s key challenges of cost and complexity (both to set up and to operate), whilst also delivering unparalleled crop flexibility and efficient scalability.

InvertiGro delivers several innovations to market, particularly in relation to farm design. Centred around patented, modular grow-cubes (InvertiCube), several features set us apart:

  • Sealed InvertiCubes can be installed in existing spaces without costly pest-management building modifications. (Any pest outbreaks are contained to a single cube).
  • The grow-space design produces higher yields per m2 than competitors
  • and allows quick, affordable reconfiguration (including ability to switch between horizontal- and vertical-growing) delivering optimal conditions and resource efficiencies (space and energy) for any stage of growth and the widest crop range
  • Infinitely-stackable, InvertiCube’s compatibility with standard pallet-racking and existing horticultural-/warehouse-automation, enables affordable and safe (without scissor lifts) scalability.
  • InvertiCubes can be transported from their growing positions to planting-/ harvesting-areas, providing labour efficiencies and safety benefits.

The flexible and scalable nature of our unique technology provides almost unlimited applications for InvertiGro‘s solutions; from on-farm to in-store and everywhere in between.

We have already successfully grown more than 200 different crops in our unique systems which provide for opportunities in fresh produce, pharmaceuticals and neutraceuticals, fibre and fodder.

The scalability of our technology allows growers to start small and expand as their market demands. We want to expand globally with companies across multiple markets and at different scales.  We are looking to work with businesses across Europe (and beyond) who are seeking to become efficient modern farmers or existing growers looking to grow more with less.

We are also looking to find potential channel partners in Europe (and beyond) to bring truly innovative and complete solutions to the market. These could be horticultural and materials handling automation specialists, architects / property developers or others.


Why are you looking at the expansion to Europe?

Europe is already familiar with the need for, and benefits of, indoor vertical farming – our technology addresses the industry’s key challenges/traditional barriers to entry (cost and complexity to set up and operate, inefficient scalability and inflexibility) – as such, we believe InvertiGro brings game-changing technology that can deliver real benefits to the European market.

We are also thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase one of our indoor growing solutions, the InvertiWall, at VertiFarm this year; and to have the opportunity to meet with potential customers and partners in person. After two years of Australia’s closed international borders, during which time we were able to domestically test and get our technology ready for international deployment, we are very excited to have the opportunity to personally introduce our game-changing technology to the European market.

Speaker name: Paul Millett

Title: Co Founder and Co CEO

Paul is an accomplished business leader with a broad mix of international consulting, supply chain, engineering and manufacturing operations experience. He has a passion for innovation and solving highly complex technical problems, combined with a proven track record of building and leading high performing teams. These skills are core to his role in building InvertiGro’s product and service offering, business and operating model. He is also increasingly sought out as a thought leader, speaker and panelist across the ag-tech community within Australia and globally.

Paul will speak at the AVF Summit on Day 1: Topic: A new dimension of indoor food production – Scaling VF

Paul Millett Co-Founder and Co-CEO InvertiGro